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Your “Pocket Neighborhood”

Luna Azul is built around the concept of a ‘pocket neighborhood’, a community design that clusters groups of neighboring houses around a shared garden courtyard. Pocket neighborhoods provide the setting for neighbors to develop meaningful relationships beyond family and housemates.

Unlike many present-day housing developments where family life is focused inside the home and in the walled backyard, life in a pocket neighborhood offers a collective sense of ownership that extends beyond the front yard gates and into shared commons.

Ross Chapin, an architect and pioneer of these communities says; “The community design cultivates healthy neighborly connections, while preserving personal privacy.”

The active rooms of Luna Azul’s of cottages, including the front porches, face the commons and the smaller scale encourages residents to enjoy the porch area, where it’s easy to engage in conversations with neighbors.

These casual conversations foster the development of caring relationships and a meaningful sense of community.

A pocket neighborhood provides setting for neighbors to develop meaningful relationships beyond family and housemates. It is the physical basis for creating community with surrounding neighbors.

Site Size:
Approximately five acres.

Phoenix metropolitan area.

Two and three-bedroom, fully functional homes

Fully functional kitchens, bathrooms, separately controlled utilities, plus numerous practical safety and design features for the unique needs of adults with disabilities

Off-Site Amenities:
Luna Azul is conveniently located near public transportation, employment, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities & activities

On-Site Amenities:
Impeccably landscaped grounds and outdoor gathering spaces and a 4,000+ square foot center house with offices, multi-purpose activity rooms and recreational facilities, outdoor pool and a large space for social, educational and community gatherings.

The community has a secured entrance, perimeter fence and 24-hour on-site staffing