Jon Krueger, Luna Azul's Assistant Community Director is a Good Neighbor at Heart

Jon Krueger, Luna Azul's Assistant Community Director is a Good Neighbor at Heart

September 9th, 2019

Jon Krueger is Luna Azul's community assistant director -- though he suggests a better title would be full-time neighbor. After talking with him, you're convinced he's the one who'll be teaching the Macarena at the next neighborhood party -- even if he has to learn it first!

Jon grew up in Phoenix. He left in the early 80's for the Marine Corps where he served two tours of duty, over four years. Returning stateside, he moved to Wisconsin and worked for several years with a mobile cleaning and restoration service company.

But, getting back to Phoenix was on his mind, and CPES (Community Providers of Enrichment Services) opened that door.

"They wanted to start a work-program for their developmentally disabled clients, and carpet cleaning was a good fit," he explains.  So, Jon trained people to operate the equipment, supervise assignments and encourage one another.  The program allowed Jon to accommodate all kinds of learning abilities and all kinds of people. "Most importantly, I helped my staff build pride in their task and feel a part of a crew," he explains.  It was very gratifying work.

He stayed with CPES for 18 years, working his way up from direct care provider to service coordinator running six different day and work-programs. Nicely enough, during those same 18 years, Rex Matthews, who is Luna Azul's community director, was director of CPES and Jon's direct boss.  Talk about synergy!

Here at Luna Azul, aside from being everyone's "neighbor," (hint: he doesn't really live here!) Jon provides oversight of all community maintenance and property management, as well as the social calendar and community services -- those being provided by contracted agencies or by the community's HOA.  His management assures 24/7/365 onsite vigilance for Luna Azul residents.

"I'm a former Marine," he reminds you, "so I'm looking forward to putting on my drill instructor hat and running the 9 AM Marine Corps "Daily 7" in the clubhouse to get everyone up and motivated," he says, with a tone that makes it hard to tell if he's kidding or not. But he also offers water aerobics and swimming lessons for those who have yet to learn. He loves the water!

Mostly, Jon looks forward to developing activities that reflect the interests of the men and women who will call Luna Azul home.  Luna will offer a variety of clubs to include poetry, craft, gamers and both men's and women's clubs.

Those residents who have day to day destinations, whether jobs, day programs, appointments or scheduled events, will be encouraged to stop by the clubhouse on their way out, giving Jon and his staff a chance to see the residents before they depart.  Uber and Dial-A-Ride can check-in at the clubhouse before picking up a resident. And Jon and his staff will always open the clubhouse by 7 AM.

"We'll work to draw residents in, because familiarity will allow us to observe any changes in behavior, changes in weight, and the like. It's just a good way to make sure we have our eyes on our residents, without compromising their independence," he says.

"I am so blessed to be here, to be able to work with this community," Jon admits.  About working with people with disabilities, he says, "These people help me find my heart."



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