Navigating Preferential Treatment for your Child with Disabilities

My daughter Emma has some special needs. So when she tried out for her middle-school track team I was wary.

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Luna Azul: Creating Community for Those Recovering from TBI or Stroke

Anyone who has, or loves someone with, a disability understands the critical issue of loneliness.  With a social life that is often structured, roommates pre-determined and minimum wage caregivers who come and go, there may be little opportunity for people with disabilities to find spontaneous and meaningful human interaction.

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Who Says Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

By Jill Mapstead, mother of Leah, a Luna Azul resident.  

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Owning My Daughter's Home is Smarter - and More Frugal - than Renting

Some say Luna Azul is a bad idea because the homes there are too expensive for adults with disabilities.  I disagree.

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Jon Krueger, Luna Azul's Assistant Community Director is a Good Neighbor at Heart

Jon Krueger is Luna Azul's community assistant director -- though he suggests a better title would be full-time neighbor. After talking with him, you're convinced he's the one who'll be teaching the Macarena at the next neighborhood party -- even if he has to learn it first!

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What You Won't Find at Luna Azul

As the nation’s first for-sale neighborhood created for people with disabilities, we’ve devoted a good bit of “air” to establishing what we are, who we serve and how we differ from other housing solutions.

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There's No Place Like A Home At Luna Azul

Like many, possibly most, maybe all parents of adult children with special needs, I would lie awake at night tormented over my daughter’s long-term living situation.  Emma is nineteen and has a developmental disability.

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What We're Building at Luna Azul - Together

Having first conceived of Luna Azul some six years ago, it is enormously gratifying to now be meeting the residents and families who are also claiming this community as their own, and who will soon become friends and neighbors to my daughter.  Indeed, building a community for Emma was my chief motivation -- not so much building a house.

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The Inclusiveness of Not Providing Care

It's a surprise to many that Luna Azul, for all its focus on accommodating those with disabilities, provides no personal care for residents.  Leaving it to resident families to choose and orchestrate what care is needed may seem at first an easy sidestep for a thorny issue.

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Filling the Room, Having Filled A Need<br />First Look at Luna Azul draws a crowd!

On Tuesday, May 7, a surprisingly cool and damp day for the desert southwest, some 100 people headed to Luna Azul, for a first look at what we’ve promised. Parents arrived with their adult children or loved ones in mind or alongside to check out the cottages and clubhouse that together create the nation’s first for-sale community for adults with special needs.

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Smart Homes for Smart and Safe Independent Living

Smart home technology, not so long ago the stuff of science fiction, is now no fiction at all.  What was once waaaay off in the future, is present and accounted for, particularly in the homes at Luna Azul.

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Join Us for a First Look at Luna Azul

On May 7, we are opening the doors for any and all to drop by and see what we’re building here!  From 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM, visitors are welcome to tour our neighborhood, meet our developer, visit with other Luna Azul families and learn more about what makes Luna Azul the special community we envision.

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Luna Azul: Founded for Friendships

Ask anyone with a family member that has a developmental disability: watching their loved one’s daily struggle to connect, be social and make real friends is, itself, a struggle.

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With Partners4Housing, Roommate Matching Creates Relationships at Luna Azul

From summer camp to college dorm and that first apartment after graduation, many of us have roommate memories – good, bad, funny and dreadful. 

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Rex Matthews joins Luna Azul as Community Director

With 25 years in developmental disabilities, Matthews brings a vast network and valuable expertise. At Luna Azul, we’re building more than homes. 

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