The Inclusiveness of Not Providing Care

The Inclusiveness of Not Providing Care

May 29th, 2019

It's a surprise to many that Luna Azul, for all its focus on accommodating those with disabilities, provides no personal care for residents.  Leaving it to resident families to choose and orchestrate what care is needed may seem at first an easy sidestep for a thorny issue. But, in his reliably considered manner, Developer Mark Roth sees it differently.

"By not providing direct care for our residents, we are accommodating a broader range of abilities and disabilities, alike.  Residents need not fit the mold of any particular care plan, nor must the independently-chosen caregivers be cut from the same cloth." he explains. The result is a community that can welcome everyone, as well as a fee structure that is less discriminatory.

In congregant living situations that do provide care, suitable residents must rely on the facility owner for personal care.  If the services are insufficient or inappropriate, or the caregiver is unsatisfactory, the only remedy is to move, acquiesce, or pay still more  for services beyond those provided.  

But at Luna Azul,  some residents may, for example,  drive themselves without worry.  Others will certainly require a driver for appointments, errands and social engagements.  If Luna Azul provided a community driver and vehicle, then those residents who drive themselves might be contributing to the community's cost of transporting those who do not.  Likewise for meal plans, personal care and the variety of service providers that may prove necessary for some, but rarely all.

At Luna Azul, residents requiring live-in care will live beside those who are largely self-sufficient, creating a community that is nicely diverse, but also assuring care and costs are personally determined.

Importantly, this arrangement also provides an extra layer of security and comfort for families. Because caregivers are not Luna Azul employees, our onsite staff and management (who will be present 24/7/365) will more comfortably provide oversight and offer insights into the level and quality of care that is being provided.  If "Sarah's" caregiver is consistently late, our staff will be mindful to communicate that to her family.  If "Ed's" worker rarely brings him outside to engage with other residents, staff will check on Ed to be sure he's getting valuable social engagement and proper care.  Luna Azul's employees will feel freer to offer observations about service providers precisely because they are not employed by those providers.

"There's an implicit reassurance that comes with this arrangement. We allow families greater latitude in determining what's right for their loved one and we can reassure families that we have their back and will keep an eye on what's being provided," explains Mr. Roth.

Luna Azul's staff will be led by Community Director Rex Matthews.  Rex has devoted the past 25 years of his career to people and services in Arizona's developmental disability community. At Luna Azul, he will lead the community's planned activities, encourage resident engagement and serve as a personal conduit between residents, their families and providers.

That last part, "serving as a conduit between residents, their families and providers", is a real help to those families considering Luna Azul.  If caregiving and providers are chief among your concerns, feel free to call Rex for insights.

Ultimately, it is a critical tenet of the Luna Azul community that all are welcome.  And, our lack of imposed services helps make that tenet true.



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